Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammet rocked the stage during METALLICA’s May 5 concert at Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys in Barcelona, Spain playing the cover version of the song “El Muerto Vivo”.

“El Muerto Vivo” is a famous Spanish song which means “The Living Dead” in English. This Spanish Folk genre music is originally by Peret and Sergent Garcia featuring Marina. It is one of the hit content of the album ‘Rumba “Pa” Ti’ which was released on 2003.

“El Muerto Vivo” turned out to be the part of the fun which enthralled the audience. Metallica added the song to its show on the band’s recent tours ‘Worldwired’ where Trujillo and Hammet have been covering some bizarrely entertaining songs often choosing songs that are far removed from the band’s traditional metal sound. “WorldWired” has played in excess of 130 shows over the world since its 2016 commencement.