Today Baishakh 12, 2076, precisely four years apart from the bitter incident of massive earthquake that took place on Baishakh 12, 2072, no Nepalese has forgotten the tragedy aftermath the catastrophe. The disaster which was trailed by by a series of powerful aftershock- claimed nearly 9,000 lives and destroyed more than 800,000 homes.

The debacle took toll upon each Nepalese residents and therefore overcoming from such a tragedy takes time but people are determined to rebuild their lives with hope for future.

In the recognition of the reviled day and furthermore in the tribute of those innocents who lost their lives we present you a patriotic song entitled as “Daiba Hey”.

The versatile artist Yogesh Kaji who is self the lyricist, vocalist and musician of the song has spoken the condolences and pain of every Nepalese people who confronted the disaster which this music video displays.