Many new singers have debut album in musical industry. Among them, few new singers are popular and their popularity has increased due to their magical performances.

London based but Nepali Musicians, a singer, composer and musician who spent her childhood absorbing the typical social absurdities in Nepal, spent her early youth as a rising talent in London and has much recently moved to the US.

Jerusha Rai released her maiden album, “A Dark Place to Think”, a couple of months ago. The album is available on iTunes, CDBaby and YouTube channel Jerusha. This album consists of seven songs: Sirens, Native, Stranger, Little Gods, Parade, Wolverine, Sway and Farmer in the sky.

She almost blends to some African style within her space, and tries to recreate her own universe. Interestingly, she does this with aplomb, as if she has always been doing it behind the scenes.