Popular singer/songwriter Rohit John Chettri has come up with a brand new song- Kina Kina from his second album “Jhari Pachi Ko Indreni”. The video of the song was recently released on YouTube via Rohit’s official YouTube Channel: Rohit John Chettri. Mostly recognized for his graceful and glamorous love song, this is Rohit’s 3rd song from his upcoming second album.

Have a look at his song here:


Vocal/Organ/Video: Rohit John Chettri
Written/Composed – George Subba
Bass: Pratik Baniya
Dhime/Madal: Pavit Maharjan (Kutumba)
Guitar: Subash Siwa
Drums: Mark Donald Rani Recorded @ KatJazz Records 
Mix/Mastered: Bikal Pradhan @ Audeus Studio – Mukta Arts (Mumbai) 
Animation: Mrigaja Bajracharya