TUMBLEWEED Inc. is back with a brand new song: Satya Ko Sarbanass. The music video of the song, from their second album: Anyol, was recently released via. Sarad Shrestha’s official YouTube Channel- Sarad Shrestha.

“This video is all shoot in our wrecked band room, a DIY as usual. It is a homage to our love for old school and those VHS vibes. So, this one is the most expensive one for us indeed!”says Sarad Shrestha about the video. Tumbleweed Inc., the brainchild of Sarad (former The Axe guitarist),although a relatively new start, are dedicated to make music to meet the need of Rap Metal/funk enthusiasts by churning out melodies with the aggression and the soul of modern music. The band is already having a good impact on their audiences and in the industry. 

Have a look at the music video here: