As per the 25 years of celebration of the legendary folk rock band, Nepathya will be performing live at three major cities of the country : Damak, Narayanghat and Bhairawa. 

With an enchanting, unbending dedication to their art, and their endowing ability to empathize with millions, the legendary band Nepathya  are an inspirational focal point in the Nepalese music industry. Initiated by three students from Pokhara: Amrit Gurung, Bhim Poon and Deepak Jung Rana during the early 90’s, Nepthya have been entertaining us with their evergreen music for 25 long years. During this long journey Nepathya witnessed nearly two dozens of musician come and go, all contributing to the band’s glory. Amrit Gurung is the only one to have survived as one of the founder member. 

From the local ground at Tundikhel to the international stadiums at Australia, London, America and many more, Nepathya have been promoting Nepali music globally as well. 25 years! 25 years of journey is surely not a joke. 25 years of hard work and dedication has turned them into the best band in the history of Nepal. We would like to congratulate the band on this special occasion of their 25th anniversary. Their contribution to Nepali music is really inspiring.


Date: 28th Poush(Friday)
Location: Sarswoti HSS. 
Time: 5:30 Pm (sharp)


Date: 1st Magh(Monday)
Location: Bank of Narayani river. 
Time: 6:00 Pm (sharp)


Date: 4th of Magh(Thursday)
Location: Paklihawa SS. 
Time: 6:00 Pm (sharp)