Tihar, also called Deepawali is a five-day-long Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal. It is the celebration of lights, as Diyas are lit inside and outside the houses to influence it to enlighten during the evening. Set in the B.S. date-book, the celebration starts with ‘Kaag Tihar’ in Kartik Krishna Paksha and closures with ‘Bhai Tika’ in Kartik Sukla Paksha consistently.

Tihar is the second greatest Nepalese festival after Dashain. It is thought to be of awesome significance as it demonstrates veneration to the people and the gods, as well as to the animals like crows, cows and dogs that keep up a private association with people. Individuals make designs on the yards called Rangoli, which is intended to be a holy welcoming area for the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism basically Goddess Laxmi, they lighten their home, play Deusi and Bhailo. The acclaimed story behind the festival of tihar is identified with Yama the god of death and his sister Yamuna.

Here is a kukur Tihar Special –Baru Ma Haschu song  by the Elements, a three member band with Dipesh Gurung on the percussions , Raunaq Singh Adhikari on the guitar, and Ishan Raj Onta on the vocals. Enjoy..